Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photobooth and the Apple Generation

Remember the glory days.

Those radiantly perfect days of yesteryear when we didn't have to pretend that homosexuals, Gypsies and the Irish were real people. When nobody cared about gas mileage and therefore did not muck up the streets with their disgusting electric and kei-cars. When 3D glasses meant the cool paper and cellophane doodads found in cereal boxes. Perhaps most importantly, in the glory days parties were not interrupted so that some jumpoff could show off his new iPhone app, there was no Facebook for anyone outside the Ivy League or Seven Sister schools, and we were not exposed to this PHOTOBOOTH shit constantly:

Shouldn't you be having your first period and learning how to shave your legs instead of playing with Apple products, little girl?

(Comments on this photo:
Kori Laurence: jesus thats a good one
Marcus Lee: DUH CAUSE WE FREAKING SIDEWAYS we always get good sideways pics... we have to bring my laptop to atl....and red cause duh their coming to our hotel)

No amount of anime comic book cartoon Ninja Turtles effects is going to hide the fact that you've got two chins.

Photobooth also doubles as a means of two-way video calling, which encourages the U.S. armed forces to talk to small Japanese women.

This young Democrat gentleman apparently suffers from the same condition as the actor who played Omri in "The Indian in the Cupboard" - also known as "please shove your erect penis into my eternally gaping mouth"


Whatever happened to the MySpace Angle?

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