Sunday, July 4, 2010

MILFs of America!

This red-headed bombshell is showing off her sensuously thick calves and voluptuous curves with sexy jean shorts. She finishes it (and us, ungh I'm spent) off with a touch of sporty: check out those running sneakers!

Marilyn Monroe was right; blondes do have more fun! This stylish vixen flaunts the latest maxi dress trend. Her soft feminine curves are hidden under layers of flowy ruffles, but we can use our imagination to uncover that delectable secret. She gives us a teasing preview of her thick and sexy ankles.

Here we have a real life fantasy: 2 gorgeous MILFs in white sneakers. Underneath those trendy plus size t-shirts and jean shorts lay cascading fountains of goddess-like softness and a veritable labyrinth of rolls and stretch marks. The beauty in blue brings new meaning to the expression "dumps like a truck" and "ass like a donkey."

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