Thursday, June 17, 2010


Angelfish - Angelfish

Password: ultimovicio

Angelfish was Shirley Manson's band before Garbage. Every time I hear a Garbage song I die a little, because Angelfish is so much cooler.

(Disclaimer: I used "gay" because homos are damned to burn in hell forever)


Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Mood: cheerful...ish.

Music: Angelfish - Sleep With Me

SOOOOOOOO yeah. Today was Tuesday and it didn't really get interesting until James passed out the sticky hands...THEN it was great. At lunch we stole mayonnaise and dumped it on the ground and I was bribed to lick it off the ground for ten bucks but refused. I didn't realize she only meant one little lick; I thought I was supposed to clean the ground of all mayonnaise. HEE HEE! So yeah. Then...I stayed after for the elevator lab for extra credit. I gain two pounds going up and I lose eight pounds going down. WHEEE! Then after that we migrated outside, where I experienced mass humiliation of the worst kind. But it's all good - the reason I was humiliated was fun, and his voice soars to ungodly heights when he laughs. It's cute. ANYWAY. Do I still have the pink thing stuck in my hair?

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